“Christine Kiebert-Boss is a very, very rare talent and happens to be an exceptional fine artist who communicates concept and product design like no other person I have ever worked with! She was my first and foremost design mentor while I was working with her in Home Furnishings Design at Ralph Lauren. She has an unparalleled vision for concept design and her ability to create conceptual boards and presentations has been the backbone of the Ralph Lauren Home Collection for more than 20 years! She guided and honed my own design eye throughout my tenure with Ralph Lauren and is largely the reason for my continued success after I left. Christine commands a unique design vernacular by coupling art, objects, fabric, and fashion with her incredible manner of knowing exactly how to finesse these pieces into a living breathing visual story.

“In addition to this fascinating talent for concept design, it is almost unbelievable, however, Christine has been equally successful in managing actual product design & execution. Some of the Home furnishing categories include textile fabric, wallpaper, bedding, bath and home decorative items.

“I would recommend Christine to any high level design task as her keen eye is an asset well worth exploring.”

August 12, 2009
Susan-Jayne Caballero, Senior Design Director, Polo Ralph Lauren
worked indirectly with Christine at Polo Ralph Lauren

“I have worked with Christine for over 10 years at Polo. She is one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. Her aesthetic & eye for detail is on a different level; very forward-thinking. Above it all, she is one of the sweetest & caring people I know. I’m glad to call her my friend.”

July 15, 2009
Michael Sarno, Senior Design Director, Polo Ralph Lauren
worked directly with Christine at Polo Ralph Lauren

“Christine is one of the most creative people I have worked with over the years. She always has a different perspective that brings newness to the Design process. Additionally, as her role as VP of Design Concepts, she has actively partnered with the Sales/Merchandising teams to better understand the business needs and direction. This has helped bring better, more “productive” concepts to market, in addition to helping bridge the gap of “design” and “sales”.”

August 6, 2009
Nina Gibson, Sr Director Product Management and Merchandising, Ralph Lauren Home Collection
worked with Christine at Polo Ralph Lauren