Building on a successful tenure at Polo/Ralph Lauren in the Home Division of this global brand, Christine Kiebert-Boss specializes in all aspects of home product design. However, the heart of Christine’s contribution has been as a creative.

Working with Mr. Lauren, understanding his color and textile based approach, utilizing her strong sense of color, pattern and textiles, Christine has researched and defined a wide range of “lifestyle” themes, from English Estate to American Country to Modern Resort.

Core Competencies

  • Innovative Collection Concept Development
  • Practical Product Development
  • Team Motivator

The Lead Creative for RL Home for 20+ years.

After leaving Ramond Waitz as a Textile Designer in 1986 Christine began at Polo/Ralph Lauren as a Designer of Product for Towels, Rugs, Fabric and Wallpaper.

As the young department grew, so did Christine’s responsibilities. Focused on textiles, collection concepts and storyboard presentations to Mr. Lauren as well as directing teams on product development.

In the early years there were 3 concept storyboards for each of the Fall and Spring seasons. Leading with soft-goods based design direction, which intern led to the hard goods design direction.

Twenty years later, with the development of additional labels under the brand including Lauren and Suite for department stores and e-commerce, American Living for JCPenny, Chaps for Kohl’s, interim product launches and private label projects, as well as proposals of new businesses such as Children’s. In 2007 65 storyboards were developed and followed through to retail via various distributions. Directly reporting to Senior VP of Home Design and Mr. Lauren. In this position, Christine mentored, inspired and facilitated design and technical teams to contribute and influence the outcomes of these lines.

Aesthetic Vision with a Strong Understanding of the Business.

When deriving new collections Christine relies on collaboration with sales and merchandising leaders to evaluate line plans and review feedback concerning the history of retail challenges and successes in order to devise beautiful, diverse and strategic collections.

Designing into various price points, Christine sees the importance of consideration of current offerings on the retail floors, as well product in development for future offerings. Weighing in the brand icons and timeliness to reinterpret them in terms of future trending and current offerings.

Deadlines and budgets are constantly reviewed and adhered to as priorities and objectives shift.

Market Research

Extensive experience in gathering and communicating style and trend data from various sources, domestically and internationally. Market research sources include periodicals, blogs, brick and mortar, vintage vendors, film and television and life in general.


Freelance Photo Styling, Studying Alternative Photographic Processes, Volunteer work for Autism Speaks, Bay School and Monterey Riding Academy.

Christine is looking for an opportunity to immerse herself in an dynamic position utilizing her unstoppable design and work ethic.